Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde has COVID-19

Mr. Seyi Makinde, the governor of Oyo State, is the latest governor to have contracted the COVID-19 virus, increasing the number of infected governors to three.

The announcement was made via his Twitter handle.

“I just got the result of my COVID-19 validation check. It came out positive. I am asymptomatic and will remain isolated. I have named Prof Temitope Alonge, former Chief Medical Officer of the University College of Ibadan, as Head of the COVID-19 Task Force while I am completely recovering. Please continue to comply with all directives of the COVID-19 Task Force. Stay at home, stay safe.”

Talking about the recent Ibadan rally, the governor, who spoke via his media aide, Taiwo Adisa, in a statement on Tuesday, said that there was no reported incident of COVID-19 at the time of the rally.
Mr. Adisa said that the insinuations in some quarters that the governor had contracted at the rally were not right.

The issue of the governor, who was said to have contracted COVID-19 at the March 18 PDP Southwest Zonal Unification Rally, did not come to play because there was no reported incident of the virus in Oyo State at that time, “he said.

“And, as of the time, the governor had no symptoms. At the time of the rally, there was no known case of the COVID-19 and after the rally.”

Gov. Seyi Makinde sent out a message to say that if he had a sign of coronavirus in the state an hour before the rally, he would have canceled the event. Saying: “We took responsibility to stage the rally. So, we can’t afford to politicize the problem of COVID-19”.

However, Mr. Adisa said that the only possible case of exposure that Mr. Makinde had to coronavirus was when he attended the National Economic Council (NEC) meeting on 19 March, the day after the Ibadan rally.

What is the Oyo state government doing about the COVID-19 appearance In the state?

In a recent interview with Oyo State Governor’s Chief Press Secretary, the PDP rally held on March 18 and the COVID-19 warning in Oyo State came in the evening of the same day. There was no warning about any incident in Oyo State prior to the PDP rally.

Yeah, you’re not going to shut down your life because of the possibility of a disease, but get prepared for the disease so that when it arrives, you know how to deal with it. And in areas where they see the cyclone, they’re getting ready. What you’re doing is making people conscious of it.

On 18 March, when the rally was held, even though there was no incident of coronavirus in the state of Oyo and no warning that a potential case was being raised, the governor made it his responsibility to ensure that everyone arriving at the Mapo Hall, the venue of the event, was sanitized.

The doorways were on the left and right of the entrance to the room. And the crew from outside the state is handed over to the sanitizers. To clarify this, the governor asked himself at the rally if the people had used their sanitizers. So the people in the Mapo hall were sanitized and issued pocket sanitizers.

The issue of rallying does not tend to emerge when we speak about matters of life and death, but a virus that endangers humanity. Why do you relate the Ibadan rally to London, China, Italy, Germany, where COVID-19 is in severe crisis? Did they have a rally in Lagos to keep up with the troubling numbers in Lagos?

Let me add that his appearances in public after the Abuja meeting of governors were calculated to the degree that, even though he did not suspect anything, he had taken caution. And that’s why, even though he went to the inspection, he didn’t communicate with a lot of people and kept a social distance.

Talking about a lockdown, the state governor Seyi Makinde has clarified that the complete state shutdown has little advantage for now, given that cases of reported coronavirus dubbed COVID-19 in the state.

Gov. Seyi Makinde provided the clarification while participating in the Fresh FM program in Ibadan.
The governor said that he opted for curfew as a form of a partial lockout, which would still allow millions of people who earn a regular income to operate their usual businesses while following the World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 precautions.

Makinde said, “When we spoke last Saturday, all that could be done to prevent COVID-19 from spreading to Oyo State, I said, was on the table. We will continue to evaluate the situation and, where possible, take corrective action. This is uncharted territory. We have tried to communicate with the experts and find out what the truth is.

Yeah, Lagos could be on lockdown, Ogun could be on lockdown, Oyo State, yeah, people said they had a complete lockdown, and then I asked them questions. What are the advantages here? Are there alternate courses of action that we need to take?

If you ask people not to come out, you close up the marketplaces, there are people who sell what they’re selling today – the income from today’s activities is what they’re going to eat tomorrow. In our climate, there are a lot of people like that.

So, are there alternatives at our disposal? Can we do selective lockdowns, please? That’s why I’ve implemented a curfew, to say restrict interactions. I think it’s all on the table, but it’s going to have to follow a logical pattern and it’s going to require expert feedback. We’re not only going to lock down because everyone is doing it

Meanwhile, the index case COVID-19 has been released after two consecutive tests returning negative.

The index case is well, stable and back home. The government will follow-up with appropriate treatment

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