Entertainment Law and Reality TV like Ultimate love

The pair, ROKSIE (Rosie and Kachi), won the Ultimate Love season, a dating reality show featuring single male and female strangers living together in Aunty’s Love Pad.

They captured the hearts of viewers of the show with moments on their journey as Love Guests. ROKSIE’s romantic journey to the throne of Ultimate Romantic.

From warming up to being happy in their marriage, there are a lot of highlights in their love journey.

In the finals, the pair beat Iykeresa, Bolar, Double Chris, and Chivia to win the series. They had to think about their time in the house, the tension and the love triangles before they all settled down. When talking to the couple, Seun asked them what their future plans were.
The 2020 edition of Ultimate Love comes as the debut season of the Africa Magic Reality TV series. The ultimate objective of the reality drama series was to find love that could or might not lead to marriage.

Primary school teacher Rosie and entrepreneur Kachi are now going away with a cash reward of N5.150 million, lots of presents, a funded traditional wedding worth N10 million, and a house if they eventually get married.

However, the award comes with a condition that there must be a couple’s contribution to the live show. A plan must also be made within the first 90 days.
After the proposal and the wedding, the couple gets a completely furnished home. They will only keep the house if they live together as a married couple for 12 months.
Votes have ensured that they will invest forever with your blessing and some presents, including N5 million, N10 million traditional weddings and dream house, “the organizers of the show tweeted.

The effect of COVID-19

The excitement that comes with reality TV on social media was not really felt, except on very special occasions. To be honest, Ultimate Love had a fan base. It wasn’t the typical following that followed many reality TV series, but it had loyal viewers.

Just like almost every country in the world, the coronavirus hasn’t only put a halt to economies and businesses globally but disrupted a lot of activities. Ultimate Love wasn’t lucky as it got hit by the pandemic. All eyes became focused on the spread of the virus. For many, it was all about making it to the next day and not watching a reality TV show.

What you should know about reality show contracts

All contracts are written for the good of the show and the producers. But bear in mind that the contract you are awarded is only a first bid. If you have entered the stage of the deal, that means that they are interested in you. You’ve got some leverage. You owe it to yourself to make sure you know what’s in the deal and to bargain for fair treatment.

You will read the entire contract carefully before you sign it. You can also get advice from an experienced entertainment lawyer.

Here are several clauses that you should pay particular attention to:

Termination Clause – Consider what happens when things go wrong and someone breaks the contract.

Release of Liabilities – Make sure you understand what you pledge not to sue them. If you’re not happy with the publication, it’s time to negotiate.

Keep Period – Once shooting starts some time after the last episode ends, you will need permission from the producers before you can appear on some other series. If the timeframe is too long, you may want to discuss better terms.

Right to Defame You – Many contracts would allow producers to portray you in whatever way they choose, even if it is inaccurate and misleading. This clause allows you to forfeit your right to sue the producers for defaming you.

Royalties on Future Earnings – Producers will seek to demand a portion of your future earnings outside the show for a period of time. With this clause, be careful. You don’t know what the future holds for you. Both the proportion of potential earnings and the duration should be decided.

Why you need an entertainment lawyer

The truth is that as excited as you are about the chance to be on a reality TV series, you never know what your future holds. If you’ve never signed a deal with the entertainment industry before. You may not be familiar with all of the words.

An entertainment lawyer will help you learn about your contract and help you negotiate agreements that better preserve your future rights without losing your current opportunity.

Having a part of a Reality TV show can be an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Make sure you get expert tips so that you don’t regret being on the series for the rest of your life.

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