Laws guiding trucks on the roads and highways?

Since the inception of the 20th century, with cars and trucks providing ever-higher levels of mobility, vehicle ownership per head of the population has increased. Traffic demands have been strongly influenced by this popularity, as well as by the mass movement of people to cities and suburban suburbs— a phenomenon that has contributed to rising travel needs and road congestion and low density.

Further urban sprawl and more road travel have often been promoted by the construction of new roads to address these problems. Long-term solutions include the introduction of alternatives to the transport of cars and trucks and the regulation of land use. There are problems with all this growth. One of them is the illegal parking of truck/trailers on highways.
The 23rd of March saw a tragic event in which the Nigerian international stars Ifeanyi George and Emmanuel Ogbu were killed in a gruesome motor accident that Sunday morning. The two Enugu Rangers were in the car with a friend of George’s, Eteka Gabriel, who also died. The crash occurred on the Benin-Agbor road as the three people made their way to Lagos on Sunday.
They were on their way back from Enugu as the Nigerian League was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. According to Goal, their car rammed parked truck. George, 26, was Assistant Captain of Enugu Rangers and made two appearances for Nigeria in 2017. Ogbu played as a striker for the Nigerian Youth Team.
The club’s statement reads: “The management of Rangers International FC shall, in tandem with the families of Ifeanyi George and Emmanuel Ogbu, pay the utmost respect to both players. Nigeria Football Federation tweeted,” We are shocked to hear the sad passing of Ifeanyi George and Emmanuel Ogbu @rangersint players. Nobody here is concerned about the parked truck. Why? Many highway truck drivers do not know that there is a Nigerian Highway code that can direct them and ensure the safety of other passengers, drivers, and pedestrians. As a road user, it is required that the road will be used in accordance with the rules and regulations. Every road user should be disciplined, careful and considerate of others. This is to ensure safer roads and avoiding accidents.

Illegal parking of trucks and cars on the highway is part of the reasons why accidents occur. Disobedience of road regulations also plays a part. This is according to the Lagos State road traffic law 2012.

  1. A trailer shall not be used on any highway unless the following special conditions are observed-
    (a) the couplings provided for attaching the trailer to a motor vehicle shall be efficient for this purpose;
    (b) every three or four-wheeled trailer exceeding five hundredweight net weight or two-wheeled trailer exceeding ten hundredweight net weight shall have a brake in good working order which when applied shall cause two of the wheels of the trailer on the same axle to be so held that the wheels shall be effectually prevented from revolving, or shall have the same effecting stopping the trailer as if such wheels were so held, and, subject to the provisions of paragraph (c) of this regulation, shall carry a person who shall be competent
    and shall be seated in a convenient position to apply the brakes of the trailer efficiently;
    (c) if the brakes upon the motor vehicle are so constructed that none can be used without bringing into action simultaneously the brake attached to the trailer, or if the brake of the trailer can be applied from the motor vehicle by a person upon the motor vehicle independently of the brakes of the latter, it shall not be necessary to carry a brakesman in the trailer;
    (d) if more than one trailer is drawn by a motor vehicle the provisions of paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) of this regulation shall apply to the trailer next to the motor vehicle and in respect of all other trailers, the following provisions shall apply-
    (i) the coupling provided for attaching the trailer to the trailer in front of it shall be efficient for the purpose;
    (ii) the trailer shall have a brake in good working order which when applied shall cause two of the wheels of the trailer on the same axle to be so held that the wheels shall be effectively prevented from revolving or shall have the same effect in stopping the trailer as if such wheels were so held;
    (iii) Each trailer shall carry a person competent to apply the brake efficiently; and
    (iv) the braking system of each trailer shall be entirely independent of the motor vehicle drawing the trailer and of any other trailer;
    (e) (i) the gross weight of a two or three-wheeled trailer shall not exceed four tons and if a four-wheeled trailer is eight tons;
    (ii) No more than four tons shall be carried on any one axle of a trailer: Provided that the Ministry may by consent in writing, and subject to any conditions that may be imposed, exempt a particular trailer from these provisions;
    (f) the wheelbase of any trailer having an axle weight of four tons or over shall not be less than ten feet between axle centers;
    (g) No more than one person other than the brakesman may be carried or be permitted to be carried in a trailer.
  2. Any heavy motor vehicle in use on any highway shall be fitted with electric lamps specified in sub-regulations 3 (1) (a) (i) and (ii)

If these laws are enacted and properly monitored. There will be a huge decrease in accidents and an increased sense of responsibility shown by drivers.

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