Mother’s Day and The Legal Rights of a mother.

The Yoruba’s call her Maami / Mama mi. The Igbos call her Nne. The Hausas call her Uwa. In French, she’s called Mère. The Germans call her Mutter. She’s called Madre in Spanish. They’re all wonderful ways to refer to the one who’s gone through all the changes of giving life to the world. How do you describe an important figure in everybody’s life without getting emotional about it?

A mother is the God figure given to each person on earth because at the same time, physically, he can not be everywhere. She’s named the mother because she was responsible for conceiving conception, going through the process and giving life to the world. She took on the responsibility of parenting, caring, teaching, instructing, loving, disciplining, cooking, sacrificing among many other things that she will make herself

On March 22, Mothers ‘ Day, many people sent surprise packages to their mothers as a sign of appreciation for their unwavering love, and so many others took to their social media pages to write sweet words about their mother’s life and how much they appreciate her role in their lives.
Everyone called their mother the best in the world, which means that God has made a mother a symbol of him on earth to every child and her family.

The power of a mother in the family cannot be overestimated. It’s a foundation that allows the father to stand. Influence begins with availability. Intentional availability— full appearance. We can be in the same space as our babies, and yet we don’t really pay attention to them.
Consider sitting next to your kids watching a movie, or asking them to help cook dinner. The role of a mother in her children’s lives means more to them than we know and lays the foundation for a relationship in years to come.

Why are mothers important?

  1. Mothers are the family’s moral backbone. They provide support for everyone’s emotions, and they do their best to keep us from being hurt.
  2. Mothers train their kids to be functioning adults. That was her work, and without it, it would be very difficult to make it through the modern world. Your mom might have pressured you to do your homework, but now you see how important it is.
  3. Mothers are just compassionate. Perhaps nothing will be as precious a gift to both of you as forgiveness. Open your heart and let go of your anger.
    The role of a mother.

There’s no perfect way to be a mother. Mothers are in unique situations: some do not have husbands, others live with female partners, some are in conventional family structures, others raise their children with the help of the “village,” some are stay-at-home moms, others go to work, etc.
Mothers also have unique skillsets and challenges. Their children are very different, too. All these situations are valid. The important thing is that a mother deeply loves her children. The role of a mother is to love her children with all her heart.

The role of nurturing is one of the most meaningful roles that a mother plays. This word is sometimes used synonymously with the word “mother”. When a mother supports and nurtures her children, love and goodness are awakened in their hearts. We learn to love our mothers, and we feel more deeply the love of God.
Most Mothers believe in God since souls are entrusted to their protection. Understanding this is understanding the crucial role that mothers play in the lives of their children. She has great influence over them, which is why mothers need to practice wisdom and justice throughout the days of their lives— a job that can be quite overwhelming. Motherhood, however, comes with this great responsibility.

Mother’s legal rights

They include rights in the family court almost as much as they have obligations in the home. Some of the legal rights of a mother in the family are;

  • Providing a home for her children
  • Protecting, preserving and disciplining children
  • Providing her children with the necessary medical attention
  • Providing the child with the necessary medical care.
  • Looking after a child’s property.
  • Mothers also have financial rights to ensure all basic needs of her child are met.
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