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Mynaijalaw.com is a group of lawyers in partnership with IT experts with the vision of digitizing and making legal resource materials available to the masses.

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Criminal Law 100%
Civil Law 100%
Tort 100%
IT Consulting & Advisory 100%
We offer a range of services for both businesses and individuals

A BABALOLA AND CO. established in 1989 is a commercial law firm that helps clients on contract review, business consultation services, legal drafting, related matters and alternative dispute resolution. We also provide legal advice to our clients in relation to commercial laws. The firm provides a wide range of legal services for small, mid-sized and large organizations and has a substantial domestic practice.

Our experience in these areas has enabled us to develop a wide range of legal skills and in-depth expertise required to advise our clients on these areas.
At A BABALOLA & Co. we believe in providing timely legal services to our clients in a cost-effective manner, which helps to ensure that their business objectives are achieved and value is added to their business.

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Jurix Xiphost Doveseal Technology


A.Babalola and Co; 11th Floor Western House, Marina, Lagos

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LiteImpact Enterprises

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